Think French cuisine and the dishes that first come to mind are probably the likes of foie gras, coq au vin, frog legs and snails … But vegetarians and vegans need not be wary of dining out in Paris anymore, because plant-based eating has captured the imagination of foodies all across the city. For starters, here are five eateries to whet the appetite …


Situated on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette, Créatures is a pop-up restaurant devoted to vegan and vegetarian fare. The salads are fresh, colourful and organic — and if they make you feel a little overly virtuous, you can always balance things out at Créatures’ cocktail bar. Open until October 13.

40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009


Guenmai vegetarian Paris

This macrobiotic grocery store-restaurant has been serving up salad plates — made whole with additions of tofu and tempeh — and squeezing carrots into juice since 1979. It’s brilliantly located for healthy refuelling pitstops during long stints of Saint-Germain shopping.

6, Rue Cardinale 75006

Hank Burger

vegan restaurants Paris

Choose from an inspired selection of flavoursome burgers — including the Beyond Meat plant-based beef substitute — and don’t forget the side serve of chunky wedges.

55, Rue des Archives 75003 (and also at 8, Rue Rochechouart 75009)

Le Potager de Charlotte

vegan restaurant Paris

One brother is a chef, the other a naturopath, and both are vegan, so it’s little surprise that the meals served up at their restaurant are the perfect balance of delicious and healthy. Not to mention whimsically inventive; think chickpea and rice pancakes lavished in cashew cream, zucchini-wrapped risotto stacks and dessert jars filled with lemon curd and creamy cacao so satisfying you’ll swear you never need cream and butter again.

12, Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne 75009


vegan pizza Paris

The traditionally minded 16e arrondissement is where you expect to find oodles of foie gras, but it’s also home to a popular pizzeria that cooks up delicious custom-made vegetarian and vegan concoctions. Paris, you’re changing …  

23, Rue des Sablons 75116 (and also at 9, Rue Monge 75005)

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