Paris is the kind of place where you can’t help picking up a this or a that when you’re out walking (say, a sweet vintage book from a bouquiniste or a coffret of macarons in the new-season flavours). So it pays to have a bag on hand that comes packed with some handy extra space. And luckily, some of the best shoppers in town are as pretty as they are practical …

Kasia Dietz Code Postal Bag

Proclaim your love for your favourite arrondissement with this chic hand-painted tote. Any Parisian postcode can be ordered.

See Kasia Dietz for details.

Vanessa Bruno Cabas Tote Bag

A wardrobe staple for many Parisiennes, this long-popular sequin-trimmed design comes in a variety of sizes, as well as an ever-changing array of season-perfect shades.

Vanessa Bruno, 100 Rue Vieille du Temple 75004

Longchamp Le Pliage

The foldable nylon bag couldn’t be more perfect for travel. Bonus: it’s available in both classic and bright colours.

Longchamp, 271 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001

Filt Market Bag

The must-have market shopper, this classic French bag will stretch to fit all your apples and leeks, and a bunch of peonies, too.

Available widely online, and in gift stores.

A Basket à la Birkin

Jane Birkin Paris Basket

Yes, Jane Birkin did have a fancy Hermès bag named for her … but she also loved toting a simple basket around Saint-Germain. Find a selection of similar styles at une droguerie (hardware store), such as these two on the left bank: Droguerie Paris, 24 Rue des Patriarches 75005, and Cherche-Midi Droguerie, 58 Rue du Cherche-Midi 75006.

Paris Shopping Baskets

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