It wasn’t too long ago that breakfast in Paris was a very beige affair — literally. Perhaps you had a croissant and a chaser of coffee, or a toasted baguette washed down with chocolat chaud … Maybe you occasionally added a dash of yellow with an omelette, or a splash of red with your strawberry jam. But mostly it was, colour-wise, a fairly bland affair.

Now though, it seems that almost every Parisian café has gone green, because the avocado toast craze has translated well beyond its original Australian shores, even to a city that was once so notoriously traditional when it came to petit déjeuner. (Paris, you’ve changed!)

Here are ten cafés to consider the next time you want a colourful start to your Parisian day …

Café Berry

Avocado toast Paris

There’s the regular Avocado Toast, which is scrumptious enough, but the Special Avocado Toast adds a layer of beetroot hummus for some colour, as well as vitamin, therapy.

€12; 10, Rue Chapon 75003.

Maison Sauvage

Avocado toast Paris

A generous serving of avocado, on toasted-to-perfection country bread, dressed up with feta and pomegranate for pops of sweet and salty flavour.

€14; 5, Rue de Buci 75006.

Peonies Paris

Avocado toast Paris

At this pretty café-slash-florist, the avocado toast is adorned with — what else? — edible blooms.

€9.50; 81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010.


Avocado toast Paris

One of the most luscious avocado toasts in town, particularly given the price, this dish will keep you fuelled all day long, especially if you add a poached egg (€2.50 extra)

€9; 76, Rue des Tournelles 75003.


Avocado toast Paris

One of the original Parisian avo toast sensations, and still one of the most popular, this take is topped with a drizzle of chimichurri sauce and a smattering of pomegranate seeds.

€10; 54, Rue de Saintonge 75003.

Le Pain Quotidien

Avocado toast Paris

A beautifully seasoned avocado purée on a crisp country tartine.

€10.30; various locations, including: 25, Rue de Varenne 75007; 18, Place du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001.


Avocado toast Paris

At the first avocado bar in Paris, Hass is the star fruit on this green-tinged menu — there are avo-infused salads, shakes, tortillas, burgers, sweets and, of course, toast, of which there are multiple options.

From €12; 44, Rue du Caire 75002.


Avocado toast Paris

The elegantly garnished avocado toast is one of the star dishes at this glamorous Left Bank restaurant’s vegetarian-friendly Sunday brunch.

Sunday brunch €41 per person (€25 for kids); 62, Rue Mazarine 75006.


Avocado toast Paris

Fancy-up your toast and avocado cream (it’s blended with lemon, curry, garlic, mustard and sesame salt) with a choice of egg, bacon, halloumi or salmon.

From €11; 1, Rue Dupuis 75003.


Avocado toast Paris

For a nutrient-packed start to the day, order the ‘Petit-Déjeuner Idéal’ — a juice of your choice and a ‘green toast’ (grilled multigrain bread, spread with a blend of avocado, lime juice and coriander, and sprinkled with sesame seeds).

€6.90; available at selected Cojean locations, including: 121, Rue Réamur 75002; 17, Boulevard Haussmann 75009; 78, Avenue Kléber 75116.