The Iron Lady makes her magnificent presence known at regular intervals as you go about your Parisian day, but there are certain vantage points from where she appears at her most awe-inspiring …

Square Rapp

Square Rapp Eiffel Tower

Venture past the swirling grille fence of this sweet little nook tucked behind Avenue Rapp, and you’ll score yourself a photo that perfectly captures both the imagination and whimsy of late-nineteenth-century Parisian architecture.

The Carousel of the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Carousel

On Quai Branly, you’ll find a fairytale-worthy carrousel that contrasts wonderfully with the tower looming behind: one goes round, the other shoots up; one is flashy and fun, the other seriously sleek.

Place du Trocadéro

Place de Trocadero Eiffel Tower

Across the Seine you’ll come to the location of countless fashion shoots and marriage proposals. It’s teeming most of the day and night, so make your way here well before breakfast if you want to take a photo like this one.

Pont de l’Alma

Pont de l'Alma Eiffel Tower

This bridge puts you in prime position for watching the tower light up as the sun goes down, and then twinkle on the hour of every night-time hour.

Rue de l’Université

Rue de l'universite Eiffel Tower

Walk to the western end of the street, to where the Eiffel Tower soars into stunning view. Note how the lace-like balconies here seem to make the ironwork of the tower appear light and ethereal; it reminds you that the landmark is more than a feat of engineering, it’s also a work of artisanal art.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Pont de Bir Hakeim Eiffel Tower

This uniquely detailed bridge offers great opportunities for getting a little creative with your Eiffel photos.

Square du Palais-Galliera

Square Galliera Eiffel Tower

The Palais Galliera is currently closed for renovation, but you can still sit in its lovely garden, and admire the Eiffel Tower from a few new angles.

Avenue des Camoëns

Avenue des Camoens Eiffel Tower

This chic cul-de-sac is a gorgeous frame for the tower, and also nicely packages up some of the most quintessential of Parisian details: a swirl of cobbles, a vintage lamppost, a window-studded roof and more of those lacy balconies. No wonder the location is an Instagram favourite.

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

The glitzy glamour of this ebullient Belle Époque bridge provides another fabulous contrast to the coolness of the Eiffel Tower. Frilly feminine meets minimal masculine … it’s paradoxical Paris in a photo!

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg

If you’re having too much fun in the 6th to venture westwards, take the requisite Eiffel snap from this most lovely of parks. Okay, so the tower appears rather tiny from this distance, but it nevertheless adds a charming extra element to your photo, and proves that you are undeniably in Paris.