In Paris, wine and cheese go together like the Left Bank and Right Bank, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, a stripy top and a beret … you get the picture.

On this Wine & Cheese Day (um, couldn’t that be every day?), it feels appropriate to list some of the Parisian eateries that excel in serving up the perfect pairing of wine and cheese.

(Oui, you can order wine and cheese pretty much everywhere in Paris. And the traditional rules — that cheese must be left until the end of a meal, but before dessert (or in lieu of) — still apply in more formal situations. But generally, if you’re having a casual afternoon snack or apéro-style dinner, it’s totally fine to order an assiette de fromage. And a verre de vin or two —bien sûr!)

If you’re a wine and cheese lover, add these five addresses to your next Parisian itinerary …


Carette Paris cheese plate

This café is a delight any time of the day, but if you’re passing the gorgeous Place des Vosges one afternoon, and feel the need to linger a little longer, sit en terrasse at Carette and watch the world go by, while sipping rosé and enjoying one of the prettiest cheese plates around.

25, Place des Vosges, 75003

Caves Legrand

Caves Legrand Galerie Vivienne

There are fewer more ideal places to while away a rainy afternoon than in the bistro or at the tasting bar here, where five Legrand generations have plied their gourmet trade (make sure to duck out back to marvel at the Belle Époque grocery store). The Legrands now specialise in the art of wine, and are particularly adept at also knowing exactly which cheese will tickle your taste buds. Afterwards, spend some time shopping in the newly refurbished Galerie Vivienne.

Galerie Vivienne, 75002

La Vache Dans les Vignes

La Vache dans les Vignes

If you’re out Canal Saint-Martin way and looking for a tasty snack to eat waterside, don’t go by this small, easy-to-miss fromagerie. It’s brimful with cheese and wine but not overwhelmingly so, because the staff will happily talk you through all you need to know (in English, too). If the tables are all taken, order take-out and sit across the way, just by the Amélie bridge.

Fromagerie Danard

Fromagerie Danard

Find your ultimate picnic fare, or dine in, letting the knowledgeable staff guide your wine and cheese choices according to your palate and personality — they’ll even advise you on the best order in which to eat your cheese. Whether you’re a wine and cheese buff or beginner, you’ll leave knowing and appreciating so much more about this gastronomic sub-genre.

5, Rue du Colonel Driant, 75001

L’Affineur Affiné

L'Affineur Affiné Paris cheese

Another fromagerie that doubles as a restaurant, L’Affineur Affiné has over one hundred cheeses on offer, and serves up platters according to your hunger level or palate preference, along with a glass of wine that will be in perfect sync with the experience.

51, Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009